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Rocio G
As a child, Rocío divided her summers between California and Patagonia, surrounded by horses and family. The wilds and rusticity were a part of her upbringing. As a designer, she now combines leather with special items she comes across on her travels. Everything is hand stitched, and all of her products are one of a kind.
Rocío is mother to two adorable kids, Paco and Begonia, and due to the fact that her husband is a  professional polo player, the family spends several months
a year abroad.

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Q + A With Rocio
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Who's your favorite artist?
Georgia O'Keeffe

What was the best meal you
ever had? 

Fritanga (sautéed pasta, Paquito my 9 year old cooks)

What's the favorite item in
your closet? 

Today - my jah shell vest

What's your favorite song
right now?

Despacito, can't get over it

What's your favorite
vacation spot?

Santa Barbara, California

What's your favorite
lipstick shade?

I don't use lipstick!
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