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Introducing Abejas Upcycled

Abejas Upcycled is Live!!!
Some fashion is good enough to live twice. 
We’ve brought back what we couldn’t say goodbye to in a curated Abejas Upcycled collection. Come shop and relive Abejas good style.
We add new pieces all the time, so keep checking back!


How It Works:
1. Abejas clients bring in their gently worn items, all purchased from Abejas originally, of course!
2. We photograph them and make them available for sale online! (PS: If you ask us, you can shop the goods in store as well!)
3. You purchase an amazing piece for a fraction of the original cost! Boom! Smart shopping made easy!

Please email for questions or comments regarding Abejas Upcycled!
The Abejas Girls